A few changes

Today I changed a few things.

Website language

The default language of my website is now English. That’s because the website is viewed in English more and more often and I’m more active internationally now.

I’m planning to add also translation in German, Italian and Spanish, but that probably will happen around next summer, when I know these languages well enough 😉

Main currency

From now on the first and main currency displayed in the pricing list is Euro (€). The rates are set in Euro and then converted to PLN.

Before PLN was the main currency and the rates in PLN were quite round and nice – now they’re not, but well… 😀

Changes in the rates

A few main changes in the rates:

before 500€  /  2 000zł
now 600€  /  2 600zł

before 750€  /  3 000zł
now 900€  /  3 900zł

before 3 000€  /  13 000zł
now 2 700€  /  11 800zł
Now the second 24h is in the same price as the third, the fourth 24h etc. (same as “another 24h”)

before 750€  /  3 000zł
now 800€  /  3 500zł

There are additional 2 changes in PLN, because all PLN rates got updated and got converted again from EUR.
12h  –  before 5 000zł,  now 5 200zł
24h  –  before 8 000zł,  now 8 300zł
There are also small changes in extra options’ rates on the PLN side.

You can check current rates here -> lauraaston.pl/en/rates/


Deposits and gifts - Amazon DE

I left Amazon.co.uk and opened and created account on Amazon.de . From now on please send your deposits and gifts through Amazon DE 🙂 (also available in English version)

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