About me


My name is Laura. I am 24 years old Polish girl living in Poznan. I am a beautiful, sensual lover full of natural sex appeal. I like closeness, kissing and passionate sex. I love giving pleasure to a man and see his delight.

I am a perfect companion for your evening / night. I’m sure you will love my soft lips, big brown eyes, smooth skin and a charm of a sweet, petite yet extremely fiery girl.

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location Poznań / Poland / Europe / #international
height165 cm
weight51 kg
hairbrown, medium length
bust4 (D) | natural
tattoos / piercingno


addictionsonly tea 😉


I am a surprising person. I often hear that in reality I look even better than in the pictures. I have an attractive look, tempting lips and a beautiful, smooth body. I like to accent my beauty in a subtle way – with delicate, balanced make-up and feminine, but not vulgar outfits. So being on a date with me you do not have to worry that our relation will be obvious for other people. You will look just like with your friend or girlfriend. Also my culture and simply saying ‘normality’ will make our meeting a pleasure free from worries, fears or awkward situations.

What men value in me is surely my gentleness and kindness, but also authenticy and naturalness. I don’t need to pretend I’m someone else. I’m always myself and apparently I’m a likeable girl ; )  In addition to external values, I also have an interesting interior. My maturity, intelligence and approach to life are surprising for some people, considering my young age.

Generally I am a positive girl, fascinated with life. I like to experience new things, visit new places and meet new people. I love freedom and independence the most in my life – the ability to manage my life without limiting myself with ideologies, beliefs and expectations of society (of course, while maintaining full respect for people who like such limitations). I also love the company of men, intimate moments of closeness and sex. My personality and preferences mean that working as a masseuse and escort is my passion and that every meeting is a real pleasure for me. I might be wrong, but something tells me that this is the kind of girl you are looking for : ) Let’s find out at the meeting …: *

What kind of men do I like?

Perhaps you are expecting a standard description here about a tall, handsome man who is like this and like that, and he likes this and that. No, no. I am not used to treating people so schematically. I also do not put absurd demands on people who would like to meet me. I’m not a princess : ) I am a normal girl and I like normal men – neat, cultural and those with whom it is nice to spend time.

Get to know me a bit better...

... - a few things that I like.​

Sometimes I like to cook something if I have time for it. And even more than cooking, I like eating. Not eating a lot, but eating well. I do not have a favorite cuisine or a favorite dish. I try new flavors with pleasure. Well, except for spicy flavours. I love sweet dishes and desserts. I prefer soups from main courses – especially those prepared ‘slav’ way – rich way. I have no restrictions when it comes to food – I’m far from being a vegetarian and, luckily, I can tolerate almost all products. When it comes to drinks, I’m a true tea lover. I do not like coffee. I like to drink white wine, of course sweet. I do not like the rest of alcohols too much.

I love music. I listen to it practically non-stop. Generally I prefer ‘older’ music – from the 60’s to the 90’s, sometimes 00’s. I listen to newer songs rather rarely, usually as something light and not too complicated. When I’m stressed or tired, I reach for instrumental / relaxation music. Sometimes I choose classic songs, although I can not say that I’m an expert in it .

In my spare time, I like to be in nature. Walking, running, cycling away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle are the perfect way for me to relax actively. On warm days I like to go to the park, lie down with an e-book on the grass and read something related to my interests. Currently, instead of fiction I prefer to read books that give me some knowledge.

While spending time with someone I like to go to the cinema, theater or ballet. A walk around the city is also a great pleasure for me. Especially in the summer, when it is warm, bright till late hours and so nice that you don’t even feel like sleeping. For moments of sweet lazing, I would choose a swimming pool, sauna or a trip to some sea, basking in the sun, and playing in water.

I like learning new languages. So far I know English well and I keep improving my pronunciation. Recently, I became interested in Spanish and Italian and started learning those languages. Psychology has been interesting for me for a lng time, especially when combined with another interesting subject – criminology.

And? Have you found something that we have in common?