New deposit payment method

Today I started using Bitcoin to receive deposits. I am sure it will be very convenient for many people.

Why Bitcoin?

1. It is more popular.

2. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous (in the meaning that the sender and the recipient do not know each others personal data).

3. Sending Bitcoin is fats, convenient and easier than you expect.

How to start using Bitcoin?

To use Bitcoin you must have a special wallet. I recommend using, ecause it’s very easy to use both on the website and on a mobile app. If you’d like to use this wallet, go to and register. Type your email, password and click the link sent to you through email.

The next step is providing your data. These data are necessary, so Coinbase can handle your transactions (legal requirements), but they are not visible to any other user that will exchange transactions with you through the wallet address.

After adding your data, you will need to connect your credit card with the Coinbase account. this step is very simple and takes only a minute.

How to send the deposit through Bitcoin?

1. Buying Bitcoin for your wallet

First buy some Bitcoins. You can do it by clicking "Trade". When a new window pops up, chose the "buy" tab and type a desired amount of Euro that you'd like to trade to Bitcoin (trade a bit more, because you will also need to pay the network fee later). Confirm the trade by clicking "Buy Bitcoin" and finish your transaction. After a moment the Bitcoins will appear in your wallet.

2. Sending Bitcoins

To transfer Bitcoins to my wallet, you need to my wallet address (the long characters string that I will send to you by message). To make a new transaction, go to "accounts", choose the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet and click "send". In a new window that pops up type my wallet address in the "recipient" field. In the "amount" field type an amount of Euros that you'd like to send to me. It will be converted into BTC. In "notes" field you can type your name or just leave this field empty. Click "continue:. Now you will see the transaction details and you will have to to enter the verification code that you will receive on your phone by SMS. After you enter the code, click "confirm" and that's it. The Bitcoins are already on the way to me 🙂

Easy, right? I was also surprised that using the wallet and sending Bitcoins is so simple. It always seemed so complicated to me and in fact it’s just a few easy steps and Bitcoins are sent.

I hope that paying deposits by Bitcoin will be good option.

Laura Aston

Laura Aston

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