Fast, discreet, anonymous | BLIK cheque | How does it work?

BLIK cheque is on of my new methods of paying the deposit. It’s convenient (you can do everything in an app), anonymous (I don’t need any of your data) and discreet (it doesn’t leave any sign of anusual transfers in your bank history).

What do you need to send a BLIK cheque?
– account in one of Polish banks (list here) and bank app
– internet connection
– credits (actually in the moment of withdrawal and not the moment of sending the cheque)
– a minute of your time

How to create a BLIK cheque?
1. Open your bank app.
2. Log in and go to the BLIK section.
3. Click “BLIK ckeques” and then “create cheque”
4. Fill in all the fields: expiery time, amount of money to withdraw and if you see this option, let the check work offline (without using the app). Before creating a first cheque you will be asked to set the code for cheques.  
5. Confirm everything and done. Your cheque is now saved and it got it’s own 9-digit number.

How to send the cheque?
1. Open the bank app. Log in and go to the BLIK section.
2. Click “BLIK cheques” and choose a check.
3. You can share the cheque by choosing “send the cheque” or just send it’s 9-digit number to me by SMS, Whatsapp or email together with your code for cheques.
And that’s all.

Now I can withdraw the money using the cheque (in the amount that you chose). The only thing that I need is a cheque number and the code. I don’t need your data or your cards. Everything done quickly, discreetly and anonymously.

You can learn more about BLIK payments on the official website of BLIK or on your bank’s website.

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