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About me , booking and meetings

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We can meet  in your hotel room. We can go out to restaurant or somewhere else. We can also meet in some other city or go for a trip together.

The minimum time of the meeting is 4 hours (1000€), though I recommend you to consider 12h meeting (1200€). It will be a better opportunity to spend the nice time without being in rush, to enjoy my massage, to feel the real GFE.

Generally there is no rule for that. It may happen that I’m available for tonight or tomorrow or sometimes it happens that I’m busy for the next 2 weeks. 

It’s always better to check my availability a week / 2 weeks in advance and make a booking as early as possible.

If you need, you can book a meeting a lot in advance – I often make a booking a month or two months before the meeting.

Few-hour meetings
From the moment we meet (in hotel / restaurant) to the moment I leave. I don’t make my meetings shorter – you can be sure that for example 2h meeting will not last less than 2 hours.

Few-day meetings
I count full days (24h) from the beginning to the end of meeting. For example: the 3-day meeting that starts on Tuesday 18:00 will last till Friday 18:00.

You can find information about my planned tours in ‘Availability & Tour‘ .

You can also suggest the city that I should visit next. Your suggestion will help me to choose my next tour destination.

Remember that you don’t have to wait for the meeting in your city till my tour. I can come to you for a meeting (at least for 4h, though I recommend considering 12h meeting).

I offer classic, oral and anal sex in different positions, kissing, hugs, closeness.

About massages

I do massage in two variants. Each of them is focused on different sensations and satisfies different expectations. Erotic massage is a massage in the most classic version – with a manual finale. In the GFE massage, there are also NURU (body to body) elements. If you’d like, we can take a shower together before the massage. During GFE massage you can caress me, kiss me. Mutual massage is also possible. Ending the massage can be done by hand, orally or we can combine massage with sex. 

* The presented variants of massages are created to present a certain pattern / range of a given massage so that everyone can choose a massage that suits him the best, however, during each meeting (including massage in the basic version), my full offer is available.

I can visit you in a hotel for a minimum two-hour meeting. Time is counted from the beginning of the meeting to its end. Our shower before and after the massage is included, as well as the short preparation (music, candles). The massage with the finale will probably last about 90 minutes, unless you want to make it shorter.

  1. Before the massage it is good to refresh yourself. Before the meeting or at its beginning, take a shower. If you want, you can also go to a sauna or jacuzzi – the effect of massage will be even better.
  2. Prepare one large towel to put on the bed and one towel, which I can use after the shower.
  3. All other things that I may need during massage I will have with me (oil , tissues, music, etc.). If you prefer, you can prepare your favorite music.

Currently I offer GFE massage that is partly body-to-body massage.

No, during massage I’m naked. On request I can put on stockings.

No. I work alone. I don’t offer duo massage.

Yes. During massage I can give you two finales. If you’d like to finish twice, please let me know before massage.

Yes. I offer massages for men, women and couples.

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