First time?

The first meeting might be stressfull sometimes. To make it a bit easier for you, I collected the most important information for the beginning and some helpul tips.

First contact

For the first contact I prefer email, Whatsapp, SMS or message sent through contact form.

Remember to contain all the important details in your message. Tell me when where and for how long you’d like to meet. Say something about your expectations: Woud you like to go out somewhere? If so, where? Do you want to get massage or some BDSM servies? 

Detailed message will help us communicate and make a booking. After first contact we can talk on the phone. 


The meeting can last from two hurs to a few days.

I prefer longer meetings, when we are not in rush and we have plenty of time to get to know each other, That’s why I make bookings at least for 2 hours. I know from my experience that during a nice meeting time flies fast. One hour dates are usually too short and may leave us a bit unsatisfied, which, I guess, we wouldn’t like : ) If you would like to spend more time together, we can meet for a whole night / a day / weekend or a few days.
  1. Few-hour meetings
    From the moment we meet (in hotel / restaurant) to the moment I leave. I don’t make my meetings shorter – you can be sure that for example 2h meeting will not last less than 2 hours.
  2. Few-day meetings
    I count full days (24h) from the beginning to the end of a meeting. For example: the 3-day meeting that starts on Tuesday 18:00 will last till Friday 18:00.

It really depends on what you want to do during the meeting.

The most often chosen option for the first meeting is 12h or 3-4h.


We can meet in your hotel room or we can first go out / meet outside. I can visit you in a 4* and 5* hotel.
The meeting can take place in my base city – Poznań or I can come to the city of your choice (for minimum 4h).  Trips / vacation together are also possible.


Before the meeting, please let me know if you’d like to meet for a GFE meeting or maybe combine it with BDSM? Do you want me to bring some toys for our date? Or maybe you’re interested to try anal sex? If so, please tell me.

Making a booking

To make a booking I require a phone contact (SMS, Whatsapp, phone call). In case of discussing details by emails I’ll ask you to send me a short SMS, so I have your phone number.

Generally there is no rule for that. It may happen that I’m available for tonight or tomorrow or sometimes it happens that I’m busy for the next 2 weeks.

It’s always better to check my availability a week / 2 weeks in advance and make a booking as early as possible.

If you need, you can book a meeting a lot in advance – I often make a booking a month or a few months before the meeting.

Costs / payment / deposit

Before a first meeting with a new person I require a 10% deposit. I don’t meet men for whom sending a deposit is a problem.
–  The best payment method for me is PayPal or bank transfer. In exceptional situations we can organize some other method. 
–  If you cancel our meeting at least 24h in advance, I will keep your depostit for our next meeting. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, the deposit is not refunded and will be taken as a compensation for my time. If for some reason the meeting will be cancelled because of me, your deposit will be sent to you the same day. 

Deposit payment methods

PayPal and YetiPay

Fast, anonymous transfer.

Bank transfer

Trasfer the money online or anonymously on the post office (in Poland) choosing express service.

BLIK cheque

Anonymous, discreet, convenient method of payment (in Poland).

Amazon DE gift card

Discreet, express, anonymous way to pay a deposit.

Zalando PL gift card

Discreet, express, anonymous way to pay a deposit. ( only)

The rest of the money is paid in the beginning of the meeting with cash. I accept PLN (Polish zloty) and Euro. Sometimes during tours I also accept local currency. If we meet outside the hotel (for example in a restaurant) please put the money into an envelope and a small gift bag. This is the best and the most discreet  way : )

In case of  ‘fly me to you’ meetings the flight expenses must be paid in advance and sent together with the deposit.
During meetings all the costs of accomodation, travel, entertainment etc. are on your side.

Massage in your hotel room

I can visit you in your hotel room to give you erotic massage. At the meeting, I have everything I need. I only need you to prepare one large towel to put on the bed and one one towel that I can use after the shower.

I can visit you in a hotel for a minimum two-hour meeting. Time is counted from the beginning of the meeting to its end. Our shower before and after the massage is included, as well as the short preparation (music, candles). The massage with the finale will probably last about 90 minutes, unless you want to make it shorter.

  1. Before the massage it is good to refresh yourself. Before the meeting or at its beginning, take a shower. If you want, you can also go to a sauna or jacuzzi – the effect of massage will be even better.
  2. Prepare one large towel to put on the bed and one towel, which I can use after the shower.
  3. All other things that I may need during massage I will have with me (oil , tissues, music, etc.). If you prefer, you can prepare your favorite music.

What next?

First I recommend you to visit the most important posts on my website:

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Enjoy nice views 🙂

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Check our my calendar.

Check contact details or use the contact form.

If you still have some questions, please check FAQ section or Q&A posts.

And remember about THE MOST IMPORTANT thing! 🙂

There is no need to be stressed. I’m a nice girl and we meet to spend the nice time. After a few moments of conversation and being with me you will feel very comfortable, like with a friend you have known for a long time. Really : )

Check what is a ‘verified profile’ and what information it gives you.

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