How about spending vacations together?

The holidays time is about to start. Maybe you want to plan something special for yoursef this year?

What do you say for a few days spent together in your favorite place? Waking up together, having breakfast, spending all day on relaxation, entertainment, activity, sightseeing? Then a good lunch / dinner, a glass of wine or a relaxing drink. Evening with sunset, swimming in the sea at night and calm, quiet walk on the beach? And then returning to a cozy hotel and having many passionate moments filled with kisses, caressing and fulfilling our fantasies. A few hours of sleep and another beautiful day ahead of us that we can plan the way you want.

After the whole year of hard work you deserve the best – vacations of your dreams with a beautiful, nice, sensual girl by your side that you can feel free with and with whom you can just be yourself.

Did I mention that I can give a professional, very relaxing massage? ; )I’m sure you will like it.
I guarantee that after a few days with me you will feel relaxed as never before, will regain your strength, forget about your responsibilities and feel a bit detached from reality, in the best sense of the word.

Sounds wonderful, right? I can not wait too … 🙂

I’m going to tell you something that will make those vacations even better! 🏖️

The longer our meeting is, the lower the avarage day price gets. Look ⬇️

I know I know, it’s very prosaic, but isn’t it nice if you can get another 3 days in the price lower than the first 2 days? 😊

avarage price for a day - 1.900 €

another day + 800 €

avarage price for a day - 1.350 €

another day + 800 €

avarage price for a day - 1.170 €

another day + 800 €

avarage price for a day ~ 1.070€

another day + 800 €

avarage price for a day - 1.020 €

another day + 800 €

avarage price for a day - 980 €

another day + 800 €

avarage price for a day ~ 960 €

another day + 800 €

Maybe you don’t know yet where and when you are going, but I think you already know with whom 🙂

 I hope we will meet soon and this year’s vacations will be something worth remembering. 

Laura Aston

Laura Aston

international, independent escort • sweet companion • passionate lover • professional masseuse

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