3 things that changed in me because of the work

I started my work from being a masseuse. I made my first erotic massage in October 2016. 3 years had passed since then and during this time a lot changed in my life. I went through many stages at work, I changed my services many times. But first of all, when I look at 21 yer old Laura from 2016, I see how much changed in me. I picked 3 changes that for some reason are the most important or just the biggest.


More self confidence - less complexes

Maybe that’s weird, but when I started my adventure with massages I had a few serious complexes. Not just some things that I would change if I could – real complexes. But it changed after a while. After getting many, many nice comments I slowly started to notice the pretty things in me that I haven’t seen before and I stopped paying attention to those small things that I didn’t like about myself. And as it turns out I wasn’t the best at judging myself objectively and things that I thought were not okay, were absolutely normal and common.
This is, I think, one of the biggest advantages of this work – you don’t get so many complements in any other work.

I also remember that in the beginning when I was taking a picture of myself I was never satisfied. I was annoyed that there was always something captured that I didn’t like. I also had this weird pressure when I was looking at those “perfect” pictures of other girls from directories. I was noticing that my pictures are much different, that they are not as ideal. And I just summed up that in reality I’m also much farther from the perfection than those girls.
I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that the most “ideal” pictures are just the most edited ones and the girl in reality doesn’t look like in the picture at all, because it’s just anatomically impossible 😀 Anyway, I felt this pressure.

Today I know a bit moreI se, e a bit more and I know that I don’t need to edit my photos and chase unreal ideals. Men like me the way I am and I also like myself muuuch more than I used to.

This is definitely an important change for me. Working, doing massages (in front of mirrors), having sex or even being naked with someone is much better when you don’t have to worry in every second about some little details that are not even noticible for the others.


Relationships and sex

Today I’m 24 and 3 years of experience. Since I was 21 a lot had changed in the way I perceive relationships and sex.

Back in the days (before I started working) a relationship was something important for me, a prioty maybe. I felt that being with someone I’ll be happier. But that didn’t really work that way, because I’m just not made to be in a relationshi, not in a tradional one, monogamous at least. Relationships that i had were nice in the beginning, but after a while it annoyed me that I can be close only with one parter. Because it wasn’t even about sex. More about closeness and passion.

Back then I felt bad and didn’t even want to accept the fact that I may want to have sex with someone else. Today I know that it’s just natural for me. I can not be in a standard relationship, I can not have one partner if I want to be happy. That’s just how I am 😉


Work and plans

In the beginning I planned to work as a masseuse maximum 2 years and then I will find something else to do. Not sure what, I didn’t have any good plan. But I was perceiving this work as something temporary. I wasn’t planning my future in the industry at all. Because of that I was a bit torn. On one hand I wanted to develop my work, knowing at the same time that soon I’m giving it up. On the other hand nothing was as interesting for me as this work, so I knew that every change I make will be a change for worse. Those thought made a big mess in my head.

Until I finally realized that working as an escort is something I want to do in my life – something that gives me satisfaction, big  opportunities to meet new people and visit new places, something I want to develop in, something that gives me good income. After changing the way I think about this job, it became even better for me. This change was made axtually this year, a few months ago. Those few months were probably the best and the happies I have had so far. It was a change for better : )

Laura Aston

Laura Aston

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