Lovense Toys - Take control of my pleasure...

The Lovense gadgets are unique in every possible way – they are very good quality, powerful and are perfectly designed. But what makes them different from other toys the most is the way you can control them.

You can operate them by pressing the buttons on the toys, you can set them so that they respond to music sounds or control them through the application. Operate all the gadgets with one tablet, change the modes and power of vibration, give me instructions, guide my movements and take total control over my pleasure. Such foreplay will surely warm you up and make you ready to join me …

Deciding about my pleasure will definitely be exciting. But maybe you prefer the second option? First, you will put handcuffs on my arms and legs – I will be in a position that you like the most. You will sit next to me or a bit further on the armchair to have a good view and will start the fun. Now everything depends on you. I wonder how long you can keep watching from a distance.

Or maybe a bubble bath with toys silently vibrating under water? There are many options. Only fantasy limits us.

What Lovense toys do I have?

Lush 2

Vibrating egg that you can use in many ways

lovense hush


Medium size butt plug


Small, handy, strong wand


G-spot stimulator with an original shape

I have something for you too...

… controlled by a (seperate) remote control prostate massager. Its specially designed shape will make you feel the vibrations in the most sensitive places. Simultaneous prostate and crotch massage (2 points of vibration) will give you heightened pleasure. A massager can be the main point of our play or just a nice addition.

Maybe you want to combine erotic massage with prostate massage and experience a very intense orgasm while being completely passive?

Abass massager

product out of Lovense series

All gadgets shown above are waterproof.

Do you know already how you will use Lovense's potential?

Laura Aston

Laura Aston

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