News in my offer

Every time I think that there is not much more I could add to my offer I get surprised.

And here again I’m introducing to you news in my offer  : )

Extra Services

If you’d like to experience more than I can give you in my standard offer, you might be interested in my extra services. You can find there for example anal sex or OWO – with this option you will feel the real power of my skills. Extra options are paid extra, but just look how tempting they are… 🙂

Massage for women and couples

Massage for women becomes more and more popular. Women nowaydays are more aware of their needs and more open to experience new things.

Also many couples decide to experience massage together.

Couple massage can give us many interesting possibilities – both, to enjoy the relaxation and to learn how to give it.

Meetings with couples

There are many reasons why you, as a couple can consider this kind of meeting. Desire to try something new, to give each other more pleasure, curiosity to include a third person into your intimate life. Maybe you need some variety or maybe it’s your brave idea for your anniversary present? : )

No matter which from above is your reason, i will be very happy to be your companion in this exciting, anusual trip.

Meetings for 2 men

Many men dream about having fun with girl together with his friend. But not many of them are able to admit it.
If you are those two lucky guys who both agree about having a threesome, then you have nothing more to do than just turn dreaming into doing. I’ll be happy to help you with that.

Duo meeting (with my friend)

or double date (2 couples)

Soon there will be duos and double dates in my offer.
I still work on that. Come check this section later 🙂

Some posts will be finished very soon. Part of content is still not ready to publish.

Anyway, I hope that you will like the new options. I’m very happy that from now on my meetings will be even more diverse : )

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Q&A – Ask me a question

Soon I’m going to create a series of posts in which I will be answering questions that are often asked to me. I think it will be a great way to let you know me a bit better. You might find out some interesting things.

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News in my offer!

Every time I think that there is not much more I could add to my offer I get surprised.

Today again I’m introducing to you news in my offer  : )

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