Do you feel like going out together?
... or spending time in a cosy hotel room?
Or maybe you'd like to relax and get some professional, sensual massage?
Let's meet and I'll make you forget about the whole world just for a while...

GFE - Girfriend Experience

Let me invite you for a nice meeting full of tenderness and authentic passion. During the meeting you will feel like with your own girlfriend – it will be nice and natural, you will experience amazing sex, enriched with hot kisses. I will give you all my attention and will make you remember our meeting for a long time.

My style of meetings

We can start our meeting from going out for example for a dinner. After getting to know each other a bit, we can move to your place and continue our date. My meetings are very natural and unschematical. I’m sure you will feel very comfortable with me.
So, do you have some idea for our date?

  • Time

I prefer meetings during which we have a lot of time for each other, we can get to know each other better and spend a nice time without rush. Because of that I meet at least for 2 hours. If you’d like to spend more time with me, we can meet for a whole night, 24h or a few days/a week.

  • Place

We can meet in your hotel room. I meet only in 4* and 5* hotels. Dinner dates, going out (sauna, walk, swimming pool etc.) and trips together are also possible. We can meet in my base city – Poznań (Poland) or in other location. 

  • Services

During meeting I can offer:
closeness, tenderness, kisses, classic sex, oral sex, anal sex, professional erotic / happy ending massage, GFE / body to body massage, shower / bath together, dinner dates, going out, trips, sexy lingerie, stockings, sex always in protection.

  • Fly me to you

My base city Poznań (in Poland), but we can meet in other locations. If you’d like to meet outside Poznań, I can visit you in the city of your choice. I can travel to a different city at least for 12h (in Poland) or 24h (abroad).

‘Fly me to you’ is a great option if you are a busy person – you don’t have to spend your time traveling to my place.
‘Fly me to you’ gives also a nice opportunity to meet in a ‘neutral/foreign’ city, where you can feel anonymous, free and take a break from your everyday responsibilities.

  • Trips / holidays/ businnes trips

Do you often go for business trips and spend many hours traveling alone and staying in hotels? Or maybe you are planning  dream holidays and would like to spend it with someone special? I can be the perfect companion for you. I will fill your time on business trips with relaxation and nice moments.

During your holiday trips I will make your rest time even more pleasant, our activities even more interesting, and moments of laziness even sweeter. If you plan vacation / a delegation / a trip, choose the best companion for yourself.

  • Tour

In my offer I have trips, ‘fly me to you’ meetings and tours. Although I haven’t flown many miles yet, traveling became very pleasant for me. Trips to various parts of Poland and Europe are the perfect way for me to combine what I like (meetings / dates) with an interesting and satisfying lifestyle (travels).

International escort on tour...

From time to time I visit cities of Poland and Europe. Information about my trips can be found in the ‘Availability&Tours’ tab. I inform about every trip about 2 weeks in advance on my blog. If you want, you can suggest a city for me to visit and sign up for e-mail tour notifications (here).

Generally I like passionate and tender sex, hugs and kisses. Sometimes, however, I feel like having faster, stronger and more wild sex. It depends on the mood you put me it and what chemistry will be between us. I enjoy oral sex (I like to be an active side). I love 69. 

If you would like to give me a big pleasure, rubbing me ‘outside’ with your fingers is a good idea ; ) You will feel very quickly how big pleasure is it for me …

I don’t offer unprotected sex (any type of sex) and most of fetishes, especially those related to domination and brutality. I do not meet women, couples or duos. I do not do “role play”.

 I don’t  offer my companion at banquets, group meetings, etc.

  1. Few-hour meetings
    From the moment we meet (in hotel / restaurant) to the moment I leave. I don’t make my meetings shorter – you can be sure that for example 2h meeting will not last less than 2 hours.
  2. Few-day meetings
    I count full days (24h) from the beginning to the end of meeting. For example: the 3-day meeting that starts on Tuesday 18:00 will last till Friday 18:00.

You can find all the important information about meetings, bookings and payment in the ‘First time‘ post. : )

Why is it worth choosing me?

Before the meeting with a girl, there are many doubts. With me, you can be sure that …: .

… you will meet a girl from photos. The pictures are mine and 100% authentic. My profiles are verified on many popular/trustworthy directories.
… my age, weight and height are real. I have no reason to manipulate numbers
… I am a normal, nice, natural, cultural girl with whom you will have a good time – without worrying about awkward situations, without being stressed that our relation is obvious to others. I am always dressed well, and I enhance my beauty only with subtle, balanced make-up
… I am neat, clean and fragrant.
… our meeting will not be shorter than we agreed – I want you to spend a nice time with me, without rush . You can use your time the way you want. You can have a few ‘finales’ or just talk and relax together. … I get 100% involved in the meeting. I am active and I am happy to give you pleasure. I like men and closeness. You will definitely feel it …
… I am fully discrete. In addition, I offer ‘fly me to you’. We can meet in a place, where nobody knows you. You will be able to feel anonymous and free. 
… my offer is real and clear. It includes closeness, kisses, sex, massage, etc. You do not have to be afraid of a disappointment.

– My offer is international. – You do not have to choose companion for yourself from the offers available in your city or come for a meeting to my city/country. I can visit you in your place.
– I have a wide offer – if you liked our short date, you can always come back for more …: ) I also offer professional massages, which can be an interesting diversion.

Professional erotic massage / happy ending massage

I’m a girl who pampers her man with pleasure. One of my amazing skills is massage.
On our meeting I can give you professional, classic/Swedish massage combined with a bit of erotica. The massage can be the main part of the meeting (I can come to you only for massage) or a nice foreplay. I have a 3-year experience in professional massage. 

Erotic massage

in your hotel room

Do you feel like getting a good relaxation without leaving your room?

I can come to your place and give you a professional massage. You don’t have to go out anywhere. In your room I’ll create a relaxing aura of a massage salon and for a few moments will take you to the world of amazing sensations. Invite me to your room and I will take care of your relaxation.

I offer two variants of erotic massage.

Happy ending massage / erotic massage

Swedish massage with manual happy ending

Erotic massage is a full hour (or more) of a professional, classic massage finished with manual happy ending. It’s a good choice if you’d like to relax deeply, calm down and reset. During this kind of massage you can focus mainly on receiving – taking pleasure passively from my touch.

We start a massage from the back of the body. I slowly spread the warm massage oil on you and massage your body – tired muscles, tense back, shoulders and neck. I slowly massage your butt and thighs, especially their inner parts… Intense techniques are interspersed with a gentle stroking, which gives you the most pleasant experience. Then we take care of the front part of your body. Now you can touch me freely and increase your excitement. A gentle massage of the legs, chest and stomach will slowly warm you up. When you are extremely excited, I will start the finale. Slowly and carefully I will massage your most sensitive psrts to give you an amazing fulfillment.

Manual massage of intimate parts is very pleasant. Long fondling with veriable intensity and tempo gives fantastic experience. I’m sure that my hot hands gliding back and forth on your bare skin, covered only with a warm, soft oil, will lead you to an amazing orgasm.

During massage I’m naked. I can wear stocking on request.

During the session the whole body is massaged. The purpose of the massage is not just to relieve sexual tension. Erotic massage is a ritual during which the whole body is relaxed, and the man experiences full, deep relaxation, culminating in sexual fulfillment.

GFE massage

Classic massage, body-to-body massage, kisses, manual or oral ending (or sex), optional shower / bath together and mututal massage

GFE massage is more rich and sensual version of erotic massage. During massage you can focus on receiving and giving, mutual touch and more closeness. The ending can be done manually, orally or we can combine massage with sex.

We can start from taking a shower/bath together. First touch, hot bath, wet kisses – this is a great beginning for a passionate GFE massage.

GFE massage is very relaxing and sensual. First part of massage will give you nice relaxation. Then I will be tempting you and making you more and more excited. You will feel my breasts and hot lips on you, as I massage you with my body and gently kiss your neck.

Slow dosing of pleasure will make you want me like never before… 

After the turn you will be able to touch me and kiss me, and when your excitement reaches the highest point, I will give you a wonderful fulfillment. The finale can be done manually or orally. Both oral and manual ending are very pleasant. Massage can also end with sex.

Relaxing together

' SPA ' day

If you really want to relax, I suggest you make yourself a ‘SPA day’. If you feel like it, I can accompany you. Organize yourself a free afternoon and spend it entirely on relaxing. Go to the hotel pool, bask in the sauna or jacuzzi. After returning to the room lose yourself in a massage. The moments spent in the hotel spa combined with the massage will give you a really deep relaxation. After that evening you will sleep like a child, and in the morning you will wake up refreshed and full of new energy.

My massages are very sensual and match your expectations and mood.  The whole atmosphere is complemented by relaxing music and warm candlelight…

I have been doing massage for over three years. They give me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Passion for massage and broadly defined empathy make me do massages with dedication. All this translates into their high quality, the unique atmosphere that prevails during my relaxation sessions, and most importantly – your satisfaction. So if you are looking for a professional, involved masseuse, call me and make an appointment. I’ll be happy to give you a nice evening with the good company, gentle music and candlelight – evening full of pleasure and relaxation, during which you will finally get some rest after a hard day and do something good for yourself …

I can visit you in a hotel for a minimum two-hour meeting. Time is counted from the beginning of the meeting to its end. Our shower before and after the massage is included, as well as the short preparation (music, candles). The massage with the finale will probably last about 90 minutes, unless you want to make it shorter.

  1. Before the massage it is good to refresh yourself. Before the meeting or at its beginning, take a shower. If you want, you can also go to a sauna or jacuzzi – the effect of massage will be even better.
  2. Prepare one large towel to put on the bed and one towel, which I can use after the shower.
  3. All other things that I may need during massage I will have with me (oil , tissues, music, etc.). If you prefer, you can prepare your favorite music.