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Pictures and videos

It’s time for the first part of the Q&A. After the last post I received many interesting questions on my email, thank you. You can still send questions. Some of them will definitely appear on the blog soon.

And now it’s time to answer some of the questions.

Who takes your photos?

Since I created my first profile on a directory and needed my first pictures, I take them myself.

Are your pictures real? How much do you edit them?

My pictures are current – I take them every few weeks. They are authentic – confirmed and verified on many directories.

They are real – I edit them only a little to make them look nicer, but still have the real look and real picture of my body ( Just like in the picture nr.2 and totally unlike in the picture nr.1 😉 )

How do I edit my pictures and what exactly do I change?
Currently almost all pictures are prepared by me in the way described below. As you can see, the changes are really small.

1. First I crop the picture, so there are no unnecessary margins. 
2. Next, if there is a need, I correct a bit the colors balance. Usually I make the pictures brighter, I correct the contrast and make the colors warmer if the pictures are not perfect and they look too dark, grey or cold. 
3. The last step is blurring the face and covering some skin imperfections, scratches, bruises etc.
No boobs enlarging, no waist narrowing, no legs elongating, no flattening the stomach, no butt lifting etc.
My pictures show me the way I am 🙂

Are you going to take a photo session with a professional photographer?

Currently I don’t plan this kind of session. I get offers from photographers regularly, but so far I haven’t taken any. I am not convinced about this idea. I like to take pictures myself, though they are not perfect. For me the most important is that they are 100% consisnent with my vision and I can take them whenever I want and the way I want. Plus it’s fun and creative to take my own pictures.

I have seen a lot of professional photos and I didn’t really like the most of them. In my opinion they lack individuality and authenticity. I think that if I ever take a professional photoshoot, it will be something more budoir, artistic, with a nice perspective and taste. I will never be interested in schematical photos following the directories trends that I simply don’t understand and don’t like.

Someone could say: why do you have this kind of approach? Because I appriciate honesty. I always want my pictures, descriptions and website to show me the way I am and reflect my looks and personality. I can not imagine taking photos, editing them so much that I don’t even look like myself and being happy that I look so perfectly on the photos. Happiness probably wouldn’t last long anyway. It would vanish in the first second of the first meeting, when the person that chose a meeting with me would realize that I don’t look like the girl from pictures at all and would simply feel mislead. I wouldn’t feel right with this kind of pictures.

Ufffff, long answer 😀

Are you going to make videos like you used to do?

Yes. Making videos is still in my plans. I have many ideas written down in a notebok.
When I do something, I do it 100%, the best that I can. Making a video takes a bit of time and effort, so you need to wait a bit more. But! I plan to make them regularly now – ideally a few videos a year. The ideas that I have are really nice, so it’s worth waiting.

Maybe there’s something you’d like to see in my video? Let me know and maybe your tips will inspire me and you will see in the video what you wanted. ( My videos are not going to be the masturbation show kind, so please keep those suggestions for yourself 🙂  )

Or maybe there are some pictures that you’d like to see? I’m interested to know your ideas. You can contact me on my email.

First part of Q&A is done, but you can still ask about my offer, me, meetings, massages and things a bit more personal that those that I already mentioned on my website.

Don’t be afraid to ask a question. If it doesn’t match the Q&A series, it might be added to FAQ. And if I feel like I don’t want to answer some question, I will just skip it. The author of questions will, of course stay anonymous. :>

You can send questions to my email lauraastonla@gmail.com, adding ” Q&A ” in the subject field or using the form. I will read all the messages and will add the nicest questions to the next parts of Q&A series.

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