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The third anniversary post is ready! However – it will not be published on my blog, but on a website. is a platform where you can find articles about all aspects of sex.

SimplySxy creators contacted me right before October to offer me writting an article for their website. Perfect timing. I decided it’s a great opportunity to combine writting an article for their platform with celebrating my 3rd anniversary.

So… the third anniversary post will be published on
What have I wrote about? I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I will not tell you much, but you can expect a few words about my personal views on the industry and misconceptions about the sex work and sex workers.

I’ll notify you about the article being published here on the blog and on Twitter (probably in 3 weeks). Stay updated.

And while waiting you might consider reading articles from SimplySxy. I found those 2 really interesting and worth sharing:

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Laura Aston

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