3 tips I would give myself in the beginning of my work

List of tips I would give myself in the begining of my work is a list of 3 things that in my opinion are the most important for me while working as a masseuse and escort – 3 the most important values that I stuck to since the very beginning and that lead me very well through last 3 years.


Be asertive. Believe in yourself.  Know your boundaries and respect them. Appreciate yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach for more. Take care of your comfort and safety first.

Nothing more, nothing less. These few words speak for themselves.


Get inspired by others, but don’t follow the beaten track. Just because everyone in the industry do a certain thing a certain way, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it too. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the others. Don’t try to fit in the standards of others – make your own standards. You don’t have to be like everyone else – be yourelf, do it your way, listen to your intuition. And most importantly – never lose your true self, be authentic – it will be surely appreciated and there will be nothing better feeling than knowing that you’re just yourself.

Maybe it sonds like some coaching sentences, but those words (especially about the authenticity) are something that I constantly remind to myself since the beginning. When I started this work I was kind of looking for my own path, I was wondering what I’d be the best at and what I should focus on. The answer just came to me after a while. I was complemented the most often about how I really am – true, kind and normal. After a few complements I’ve decided that it’s something I always must remember – no matter how much time passes, I always must be authentic and never pretend to be anyone else, never fit in others people standards, never follow everything I see. I still remember about that. And it still works : )



Be independent. Decide about everything yourself – how you advertise, what kind of photos you have, how much you’re willing to show, what rates you have, what standard you have, what apartment you work in, what clients you have, when you work for 300% without a lunch break and when you want to take a day off, because you’re just unable to make a good meeting today.

For me working as a masseuse and escort is something very intimate. I can not imagine making a meeting or massage according to somebody else’s scheme. Not even mentioning doing FMTY. Not even mentioning giving someone else a part of my money…

Being independent and deciding about everything is probably the most important thing from this whole list for me.

And these are 3 tips that I would give myself when I started working. For people who know me a bit it’s nothing new. But to those who don’t know me yet these 3 things will tell a lot about me.

I hope that this post was interesting to read.

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