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What is GFE?

What are Girlfriend Experience dates like?

GFE meetings are more and more popular – you can find them in escorts’ profiles more often. Some girls really offer GFE meetings, other only add it to their services list to get clients’ interest.
Find out what GFE dates are really like and how they are different from other type of meetings.

What are GFE meetings? How do they differ from standard, paid meetings?

GFE means Girlfriend Experience. It is a very specific kind of meetings, that are often called dates. On the GFE dates there’s a nice atmosphere and no rush. It’s not a typical meeting which main goal is to get a sexual fulfillment. It’s a date during which everything happens slowly. It’s important to have a good conversation, get to know each other, feel the spark, the passion that slowly leads to sex – not mechanical but full of sensuality, pampering and intimacy. Real GFE dates are hard to find and hard to describe. There’s something intangible about GFE that you can truly understand only when you experience it. Anyway, I’ll try to break it down to describe GFE the best way I can.


During GFE dates the atmosphere is very informal. There is no official or proffesional feeling. It’s nice and normal. You do not feel like on a meeting with an escort, but more like with a girl that you’ve known for a while and that you like being with – with a girl that knows how to break the ice and create the good vibes.

The meeting

GFE dates often start from a coffee / glass of wine or a meeting in a restaurant or a hotel lobby / bar. A few moments of conversation let you both get to know each other better and feel comfortable with each other. You can also talk about your experiences and preferences. GFE dates are rather spontaneous – there is no planned scheme. You can use your time on whatever you want – it’s an important thing about GFE – it’s not only about sex, but also about spending time. When booking one hour meeting you can fully use your time. Good GFE doesn’t end after the first finale. The first time is often just the beginning.


During GFE date there is no way to serve the clients in a “come, cum and go” style. Dates of this kind require dedication from both sides, individual treatment, interest in the other person and his needs and desires. In my opinion to have a good GFE you need to have passion for this work, for sex and for people.
You can always feel if the person you meet really likes what she does or not. It’s important that during the date you feel that the girl is present, that she’s here for you and that her thoughts are focused on what’s here and now. That she’s active and the meeting is also pleasant for her – not that it’s only a work that she was sent to do.


When you meet on a date, you don’t need to pretend anything, you don’t need to try to impress each other, you don’t need to use any dating tricks and lines to make a good impression. Authenticity is a key to build a good relation (for a night or for longer). You can both do what you like, without pretending that you like the same things. You can talk about many things and not always agree with each other. In my opinion the real GFE shouldn’t have this sweet, dating false. It’s the best if you can just relax, have a good time without pretending (also in bed) and playing a role.

Closeness and passion

Passion is an important part of GFE that builds all the atmosphere. Hugging, kissing, sensual foreplay and hot sex is something that you really look into on a date. Taking a bath together, falling asleep together, holding hands on a walk or in a restaurants are also nice things that you won’t experience on a standard meeting.

It’s important that it all comes naturally and is nice for both of you. Kissing and pampering the person that doesn’t want that and kind of forces herself just to please you is not a good experience. Being close with someone that really wants you can turn you on like nothing else.

Longer dates

Girls that specialize in GFE often offer dinner dates, going out, longer meetings (for a night, a weekend or a few days) and companion during trips / holidays / business trips. On this kind of meeting you can really feel like with your own girlfriend or lover and you can really get to know each other. Extended dates are characteristic for GFE escorts – GFE companions often have the minimum date time set for 2 or 3 hours (because of the “no rush” style of the meetings).

Those six elements are a quintessense of Girlfriend Experence for me. If after the meeting you feel fulfilled, satisfied, pampered, you feel that you’ve spend a nice time with an interesting person, that you felt great with her also in bed and if you can’t wait for the next meeting, you can be sure that you’ve just had a good Girlfriend Experience.

Of course GFE doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to offered services. You can not just make a list of things to do to label the meeting as a GFE. Everyone has his priorities during the meeting and everyone likes a different combination of elements – for example some people don’t like kissing and others can not imagine having a date without lots of kisses. Some people like to go out and others don’t like it or can’t do it (because of discreetion). The most important thing that distinguishes GFE from standard meetings with professionals is a dedication and individual treatment (without a schematic sex and being passive). The rest is rather an individual thing.

Can massage be in a GFE style?

Yes! 🙂 GFE doesn’t always have to be a dinner date in a restaurant and a dessert in a hotel room. Erotic massage can be also in a GFE style – it is more popular nowadays.

What is the difference between the GFE massage and other erotic massages? 
Usually GFE massage is a combination of an erotic massage with a few additional elements added to the massage to create an intimate atmosphere and add even more sensuality to the massage – for example taking a shower or bath together, elements of body to body massage, kisses or optional mutual massage. More advanced options can be oral sex (giving or taking) or classic sex.

It’s an interesting how the place where the GFE massage takes place differs from a standard erotic massage rooms. A professional erotic massage usually takes place in a professional massage room that is prepared especially for massages (with a matteress and mirrors). GFE massages often take place in more private environment – in a cosy bedroom, on a bed or in a hotel room.

It’s common thing to start the meeting from a short conversation, glass of wine or a coffee – on a contrary to the classic massage during which you usually take a shower first and right after that the massage begins. Because of this nice begining the GFE massages are often longer than 1h.

Of course the extra GFE options are not everything – in the GFE massages the dedication and atmosphere are also very important. 

Is GFE always sweet, romantic and delicate?

Not always. Often GFE escorts offer BDSM services or BDSM massages. With a bit of fantasy it’s easy to combine those elements together. You don’t have to limit yourself just to one style. Despite appearances the GFE and BDSM is a good duo – it gives you a lot of anusual experiences and lets you fulfill your fantasies.

GFE dates vs sponsoring, standard dates and having a lover

While I already compared GFE dates and other paid meetings, it’s worth mentioning how GFE dates compare to having a lover, a girlfriend or a sponsored relationship. What advantages does GFE have?

1. Discreetion
When booking a date with an escort you don’t have to worry about discreetion. It’s very important especially when you are a public person. When you meet a private girl it’s a big risk that she will tell her friends that she met someone handsome or rich or famous. Professional escorts keep those kind of details for themselves.

2. Simple relation, no obligations
When you meet an escort you shouldn’t worry about complications. Your relationship is simple. You spend the time together, you do what you like and when the meeting is over, you have no relationship or dependence. The girl will not expect your commitment, keeping in touch etc. She will not surprise you with feelings confession. She will not expect that you will have some feelings too. She will not seek your attention and she will not impose on you. She will not be texting you (unless you want it) and will not invade your privacy. And what’s really important – you both can meet as long as you like and when you feel you want to finish this, you can just finish this without stress or pressure.

3. Clear rules
In your relationship everything is clear from the very begining – the services and the price. You know from the start what you can expect and how much money the girl expects. Maybe it sounds a bit sarcastic, but with a lover the bill is never simple. And it’s never closed. If you like simple situations, you may consider GFE dates.

4. All advantages of a relationship without its disadvantages
If you have a regular GFE partner, you can take all the best things from your relationship – nice sex, closeness, passion, good time, going out or going for holidays together etc. And at the same time you can avoid all the worse (for some people) aspects – expectations, responsibilities, arguments, sex bans, exclusive relationships and jealousy. And of course looong searching for a girl and many disappointments before finding someone right for you. 

For me GFE was always something natural. My meetings (and massages) were in a GFE style before I even knew that GFE exists. I always treasured informal contact, nice atmosphere and individual treatment.

It’s always the hardest to discribe the things that are the most obvious for us. I hope that despite that I managed to describe what are GFE dates and what is the difference between Girlfriend Experience and other style of meetings.

Or maybe you think that I missed something important? Let me know your thoughts.

What is Girlfriend Experience for you? How would you define it? What do you expect from this kind of meetings? What elements are the most important for you and what would be your perfect GFE parter like?

You can add comments below or send me an answer in an email. If there are a few nice answers, I might add them to my blog in a seperate post as an interesting addition 🙂

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