What GFE is NOT?

Misconceptions about the Girlfriend Experience

What is GFE – I already wrote about that in my previous post. Today it’s time to write about what the Girlfriend Experience is NOT. There are a few misconceptions about GFE. Time to clarify the subject a bit.

GFE ≠ sex without a condom

This is probably the most common wrong assumption about GFE dates. And probably the most annoying one. GFE dates are like meeting with your own girlfriend but that doesn’t mean that you can have sex without a condom. When meeting an escort you should always take care of your safety and shouldn’t lose a common sense in the nice atmosphere of trust.

Meetings for free, "after work", "privately"

Some men understand GFE in a really anusual way and often ask girls to meet them for free. It’s not a common thing only for GFE, but I think amount of those offers is bigger when the girl offers GFE.
When we meet for dates, we have a good time, we like each other or even if there is some special bond between us, that doesn’t mean that we can start meeting “privately”, for free.

Another type of situation when clients may expect a free date is going out together – for example 2h of dinner date and 1h in a hotel. Some men are really surprised that they also have to pay for the time spent in the restaurant and they’d like to pay only for the time spent in a hotel (or ideally the time spent on having sex). I have never heard of an escort that would count the time of the date like that. GFE just doesn’t work that way.

GFE is not an exclusive sponsoring

Sometimes men confuse GFE escort dates with having an exclusive, sponsored relationship. They expect to be the only or the priority client – much more important than all the rest.
Sometimes they are even jealous of other clients or they get offended when it turns out that all the clients are just the same important and they are not better than the others. I know – that’s unbelievable, but that happens.

GFE is not a performence

When you read about the GFE for the first time you may not fully understand what it’s about or you can get the whole concept wrong. Once I’ve read somewhere on the internet that GFE is when an escort pretends to be your girlfriend, for example she calls you “honey” or when you visit her, she welcomes you as if you just got back home from work.
Hmmmm well, that’s not GFE 😀 GFE is not playing a role or making a performance. On the contrary – being natural and authentic is what GFE is really about.

GFE is something deeper that just calling someone “honey” from the first moment you meet him. It’s not about trying to be close really quickly in an unnatural, fake way. It’s about making a nice atmosphere, making connection and after a while maybe creating a good intimate/friendly relation in which calling each other with sweet words will be nice and natural.

GFE is not a service, it's a style

It’s very common to put GFE into your service list, but in fact it’s hard to describe GFE as a service (in the ‘activity’ meaning – eg. massage is a service, OWO is a service, kissing is a service). GFE is more like style of the meeting that consists of many elements like atmosphere, dedication and also additional services typical for GFE. The difference here is rather subtle and it doesn’t cause any misunderstandings, but it’s nice to mention it.

Another thing is that you can not just add a few services (eg. kissing and OWO) and call your meetings GFE. In my previous post I said that GFE doesn’t have any specific requirements – that’s true – everyone has his own definition of GFE. But unfortunately many girls take advantage of the fact that GFE is not precisely defined. They try to get clients’ attention by claiming that they are GFE, when in fact they do not offer GFE at all (not when it comes to the services, to atmosphere, to dedication and to the quality approach to the meeting). But that’s the same as in every other industry – where there is a valuable, developing trend, there will be poeple who pretend to be the trend, when in reality they do not offer anything similar to the original idea.

And that’s all from me about the misconceptions. I know there wasn’t many of them and I didn’t want to focus and write a lot about them. I really enjoy much more writing about the bright side of GFE and not about the misconceptios and wrong behaviours of people somehow related to the GFE subject.

I hope that the post clarified a few things and it was nice to read it 🙂


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