If you’d like to give me a present, you can buy it and hand it to me personally or send me an Amazon.de gift card to my email (lauraastonla@gmail.com) for the chosen amount (you can check the price in the given links – if it’s in PLN, you can just convert it into EUR €) with the present suggestion, so I can order it for my address. My wishlist can be also an inspiration for you to choose some different gift.

I listed here ideas for classic presents and some everyday use things that will be a great, originall gift. Thank you so much for all the gifts ;* Each of them – a small one and a big one – makes me very happy 🙂

Amazon gift card is a fast, convenient and discreet way to ‘send money’. When you choose a present, you can send me the gift card for the amount equal the gift price.
I buy some presents on Amazon – in this case I pay for them with the gift card.
Other presents are bought out of Amazon (so I have a better choice). In that case Amazon gift card will be used to receive the equivalency of the present.

Classic gifts

Birthday: 4th of June

Dior J'adore | Perfume 30ml

My favourite ^^

Dior J'adore | Shower gel

Paco Rabanne Lady Million | Body lotion

White set HoneyBridette | Amelie Ivory

Bra: 32D

Thongs: M

RPink set HoneyBridette | Whitney Pink

Bra: 32D

Thongs: M

Flowering tea box

Hand made tea that flowers in a glass of water 🙂

Green tea with maroccan mint

YankeeCandle | Warm Desert Wind

YankeeCandle | Soft Blanket

YankeeCandle | Magic Christmas

YankeeCandle | Mango Peach Salsa

YankeeCandle | Autumn Glow

Other gift ideas

Hawaiian Tropic | Sun lotion

Great gift before going together on holidays :>

Hawaiian Tropic | After sun lotion

Great gift before going together on holidays :>

Dolce Gusto Chai Tea Latte